Tracey Stowe │ Account Specialist

Tracey Stowe
Account Specialist
P:  417.413.3705
M:  417.866.4482
F:  800.718.1640
[email protected]

During a reflective Walkabout after seeing Crocodile Dundee a record 420 times, Tracey realized her journey would lead her to a life in America.  Being a sucker for uniforms and French Horns, Tracey latched on to a young Marine Corp Band member and left the convict island known as Australia for California, an equally dangerous environment.  As Australians tend to do everything backward the Stowe’s packed up the truck and moved to Springfield, Missouri to raise a family.  Flash forward and Tracey has 4 children, several dogs, and a few farm animals.  To escape this Tracey and her husband John enjoy exploring the USA on motorcycles, she rides her own, and taking in everything the outdoors has to offer.  Besides being fun to listen to, Tracey has a strong retail background, keen attention to detail, and has built many strong relationships with our key customers.