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360 Images and Video Content

The GTAteam has partnered with a professional photographer/videographer to offer in house solutions for 360 Imaging, Video Content, Web Based Marketing, and Social Media Content.  No need to ship your products out to 3rd parties, The GTAteam has a dedicated studio on-site to handle all forms of content.

Database Marketing

Let us find the profiles of your consumers and match them with the geographical market that you want to expand. We then collect their data and begin to build a database of consumers that want to know about your products and services. This same database allows you to promote specific demographics.

Product/Jobber Store Traffic

We will use your product offers to drive consumer traffic into the jobber stores using vertical direct marketing techniques that are unique in the industry. It’s effective and it produces results! Vehicle-specific lists are used – hard to find!

Vertical Market Promotions

We have connections with many auto-related Associations that target specific vertical markets of the auto industry. Let us place your product or service in front of the crowd that will give you the most bang for your buck! We’ll even design the booth/displays and man then for you.

Customized Sales Materials

Each warehouse and jobber has specific guidelines and product information they search for in each product. We know inside information and custom match sales materials that will produce the most sales for your product or services. Whether it’s flyers for the counterman or materials for the sales personnel, we produce what they tell us sells your product locally the fastest and the easiest!

Application Databases

We are the most familiar with your products and applications – our skilled staff maintains AAIA/SEMA's new standards for application database management. We add weekly updates and make sure the information is then forwarded to the warehouse and jobbers.

Creative Services

If your product or service needs photography, consumer copy, marketing materials, or catalogs, we have the designers and digital services to produce the pieces for your company. Let us design marketing materials that are custom-fitted for your industry markets.