The Territories of Gantt-Thomas & Associates, Inc.

The GTAteam is a Midwest-based agency established in 1975. Our sales team covers Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Southern Illinois - the MINK states - as well as specialty retailers across the country and in Latin America. In addition to our sales territory, we offer retail support services in the 48 states contiguous states and Mexico.

GTAteam International Offices│Latin America Locations

Gantt-Thomas & Associates International Team

Through strategic partnerships in the industry, The GTAteam has the tools and resources to grow your business in Mexico and Latin America through our dedicated International Team.  Our team has the expertise, knowledge, and know how to place your products, grow programs, and maintain existing business throughout Latin America.  Our retail and hard parts experienced team members provide world class service and guidance to help enter these new markets.  Our International team members are on site in Mexico serving large and small customers with offices in Guadalajara and Monterey and offer a comprehensive list of services for navigating business in Latin America including product compliance, regulations, regional VIO data, translation and on-site training and education.  For more information regarding GTAteam International, please reach out for a consultation today.